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Things are hotting up! There are so many people who are willing and have offered to help, I feel like I should list them all! But I’d be here all day I think. But here’s where we have got too. Based on the general consensus of opinion, a few things are quite clear, so I wanted to get your views on them.

The conference will be held in September, in the Celtic Manor, as this will be part of the sponsorship Real Radio can deliver. Mark Schaefer will be the keynote speaker. The conference will be simple and pretty linear – we’ll have a Sponsors dinner the night before, a coffee reception the morning of, and straight into it. We’ll have the normal format of a speaker for the morning (TBC) and Panel, then a lunch, at which time, every attendee will get a copy of Marks new book, and the opportunity to get that signed by Mark directly.

Then in the afternoon, maybe one more speaker (TBC) and the Keynote, wrapping up by late afternoon. We’ll finish with an after show party!

The venue is a small part of the sprawling estate,up near the golf courses, and pretty self-contained, so it will be a hot-house of networking and sharing of ideas, as there will be coffee breaks and the chance to hang out immediately after the event too. I am looking at securing a delegate rate for rooms for the more adventurous. I am hoping the cost will be around £50 (again TBC)

The content! This is where I need more input, I’ve got the practical stuff sorted I think, I want input on this bit please.

So far, we are looking at providing a discussion about building followers for your social media campaigns. This isn’t going to be about buying Facebook accounts or programming spam bots to drive your ‘klout’ score! This is about building an engaged and targeted audience that will tundertake a metaphorical journey with you from unengaged through engaged, thorough trial and adoption and into advocacy for your brands.

I am being asked for a focus on content creation. This is the element that will ignite your social media strategy! So this will be the panel part of the day. We’ll have authors, bloggers, video bloggers and all sorts taking part and sharing best practice and ideas to kick you off, or re invigorate you, depending on where you are in your business.

And the final theme is about ROI – return on investment for sure, but return on influence too. This is Marks specialist area. The guy has published two best-selling books, has two advanced degrees (in business and behavioural science) and has got 30 years experience in global marketing. He includes as his customers the British government, and spends a lot of his time as a university lecturer.

I think we have that covered!

So, in summary: How do we do it, and how do we know its working! What can I learn, and what do I look out for? Where can I improve, and where am I already winning?

All sounds great to me (Really great actually!) But what do you think? Give me feedback on this part especially – I am trying to capture what everyone is telling me, but I want to make sure everyone has a voice too.

As regards the help that’s been offered, we are naturally and by default evolving into groups already. I have a brand / naming group set up ( @Joel_Hughes, @brandnatter, @thisisbencook, @mrsmoti etc) who will be helping us create a position for the event and turn that into an identity and then take that online.

We have a logistics group headed up by @Nick_Miles and @waveriderswidow that are responsible for the AV, staging etc. I have A few others involved with me directly on content curation. I have volunteers to sell sponsorships. We wont need much else? We need to market it like mad when its ready to go, but what else? Am I missing anything? And do YOU have anything to offer the groups that are already forming?

If you are able to contribute and I’ve not spoken to you, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT here or email me direcly. It’s a struggle keeping it all connectd and doing the day job, I am doing my best to get to everyone, but no one minds a bit of a prod now and again!

This is our event people, we are talking social media back from the sharks, the shysters and SEO con men and the people who only want to sell their products to us. We’ll be creating an event with learning and sharing at its heart. An event thats sole purpose is to help you. Just like social media itself really!

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