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Sales is at the Heart of Business

I started my careers as a sales person and rapidly progressed to sales manager and sales director, before moving on to managing director.

I believe in simple systems that will transform your sales efforts, systems I’ve proved in multiple markets and with multi-disciplinary teams.


Don’t Settle For Less

I Build Sales Teams From Scratch

I’ll recruit your field sales or telesales team from scratch. This can include designing adverts and briefs for recruitment agencies to using LinkedIn to source candidates. I will interview and recommend the best hires. I can even suggest specific’s for your sales person’s contract.

I will provide full training to get them started and on the road to success. I will plan out the sales strategy for the team and introduce the KPI’s that will keep them on track.

Finally I will hold your sales team accountable to ensure their success.

Charge Forward

Sales Turnaround!

There are three secrets to success in Sales:

1. Activity

2. Activity

3. Activity

If you’re sales team is underperforming 99 times out of a 100 it will be down to too little activity. There are many reasons for this including a depressed market or poor sales management, but there are simple way’s to put it right too.

This all assumes the sales team has a basic level of competency in the building blocks of prospecting, making appointments, opening, presenting and closing the sale.

If that’s not the case we’ll need to address the competency issue first.

I’m so sure my systems work, that If you follow my systems and don’t see success I will refund my fee, its as simple as that.

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