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Later, she closed a deal for $1M

In my experience? Yes.

On balance, all things considered, Women, generally, make for better sales people than Men. That is not to say that they definitely are of course, it just means that I have found that to be the case for the 20 odd years or so I have been a professional salesperson and sales manager. Heres why:

1) Women are more focussed on the clients brief and requirements, and can see things from a wider perspective than their own agenda.

2) Women work harder.

3) Women have a broader set of skills when it comes to selling. Opening, closing, and everything in between.

4) Women are better and more consistent record keepers, allowing for better market intelligence.

5) I can read Women’s handwriting. (Less important these days for sure, but still!)

6) Women have higher levels of emotional intelligence making them more tolerant of difficult clients and colleagues.

7) Women are more likely to ask for help when its needed, to get the extra upweight or increase a rate.

8) Women act more professionally than men, its not about them, its all just part of the game.

9) Women get it done, no messing around, and get on with the next thing.

10) Women are more motivated by money and less likely to sit in a comfort zone for their entire career.

So there you go. Just opinion, and it doesnt apply to all the women I’ve worked with and some men are right up there too. But generally, Women have been the better sellers.

Here’s three additional points to consider. Women coming back of maternity leave are usually even more ‘get it done’ then ever. Women have also been the highest maintenance to manage on occasion. And the outright best, as in highest billing sales people I’ve worked with have been Men.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments or Tweet me here on @radiojaja. I’d love to hear your perspective.