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GDPR Workshops

A range of tailored for audiences such as company boards, management teams, GDPR implementation teams and general staff awareness teams

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GDPR Systems Preparation

Integration of systems or bespoke software adaptors or API’s to ensure the systems as a whole support the needs of compliance. These software ‘fixes’ may be either temporary or permanent fixtures of the infrastructure.

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GDPR Gap Analysis

Undertaking the reviews and investigation to understand the state of preparation for compliance. A professional report and presentation back to the clients is a vital part of this service. 

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GDPR Breach Reporting

Simply supply me with your URL and within 48 hours I’ll supply you with a free summary breach report. Comprehensive breach reports are available but are chargeable due to the level of work involved.

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GDPR Compliant databases

Extraction of personal data from all the identified sources. This data is then prepared for re-permissioning by cleansing the data. The re-permissionied data becomes the new sales and marketing data for the client.

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GDPR Permission Management

Through our relationship with MyLifeDigital and the Conscentric platform we provide users with a tool that ensures they maintain compliance in the most cost effective manner possible.

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Member of the GDPR Alliance

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