Digital Transformation

We've all heard the term, but what does it mean? Digital, transformation, two small words that can have an enormous impact on your business.

You might argue that all business will go through this process, whether they want to or not, so maybe its time to take control and start planning for the NOW!


Since the early 20th Century, business has evolved through 4 stages

Production Orientation

Demand far outweighs supply, and all business needs to do is make more, more cheaply, and maximise efficiency to make as much profit as possible.

The age of the factory and mass production.

Think Henry Ford and the Model T rolling off the first production line.

Sales Orientation

Demand and Supply are far closer together and business now have real competition for their goods and services. Now its not just about 'buy my product' its about 'buy my product, rather than their product.'

Think photocopiers, advertising, and car sales. Door to door, face to face, or over the telephone. The age of the sales expert.

Marketing Orientation

Now, supply far outweighs demand. There is too much stuff to go around. Businesses need to anticipate the customer and produce products they hope will catch on.

Think Apple and the iPod. The genius of Steve Jobs was understanding what his customers wanted and giving it to them. Truly ahead of his time.

Digital Orientation

The age of truly putting the customer first. Or more accurately, making the customer central to the operation, rather than the product thats already being made, or guessing at whats to come.

Digital businesses are driven by real time data and empowered by cutting edge technology to be more efficient and faster.

Next steps

Some businesses are born digital, and some need to become digital. The process of becoming digital is called digital transformation.

Digital transformation needs a catalyst. The forthcoming requirement to be complaint with the latest in data protection legislation is a good example of that catalyst.

Getting yourself a valuable set of data, and changing your business around so that it can take advantage of that data is a great way forward.