How To Manage Your Sales Turnaround

Sales Turnaround. Taking your sales revenues from weak to strong. I’ve heard lots of excuses as to why businesses fail. From the economy, stupid, to lack of R and D, shortages of people or funding, a businesses location, no advertising budget, to match competition, too little competition on so on it goes. But fundamentally, the…

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GDPR Training Courses

GDPR logo

I’ve come across this supplier of training for GDPR courses. Its an important step in the compliance journey as it can help you raise awareness of whats needed within your organisation, and help you plan your approach to compliance for yourself too. The course is very reasonable at ¬£175+vat and while I receive no affiliate…

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GDPR ALERT! Your Business May Already Be Toast!

  I’m sure you’ve heard about it, but do you know what it is? Everyone is talking about it, but no one seems to be taking action! I’m talking about the dreaded GDPR. General Data Protection Regulations¬†is what it is in full, and most people I know (SME’s I mean) know its got something to…

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