GDPR: I can help!

Infographic on GDPR

I’ve managed to build up a decent knowledge base on this GDPR stuff. The General Data Protection Regulation as its more formally known. I’ve been through the details, looked over the reports, read the white papers and started to make sense of it all. It’s complicated, but the good news is, a few simple steps…

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Is your marketing data GDPR compliant?

GDPR: Make your data compliant in three easy steps

GDPR means making sure that the email databases you are using and the marketing data you have collected over the years is all compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations from May 2018. Novo Consultancy can help you quickly and easily, with a simple three steps process. Get in touch now to find out more,…

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GDPR: Make Your Marketing Data Compliant in Three Easy Steps

GDPR logo

I had some great feedback from the previous post Your Business Might Already Be Toast. And the question that’s coming up most is “Are my current marketing data up to scratch?” and “How do I make sure my email lists are compliant?” The chances are, unless you have been more than scrupulous with the collation…

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