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GDPR: Make Your Marketing Data Compliant in Three Easy Steps

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I had some great feedback from the previous post Your Business Might Already Be Toast. And the question that’s coming up most is “Are my current marketing data up to scratch?” and “How do I make sure my email lists are compliant?” The chances are, unless you have been more than scrupulous with the collation…

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GDPR ALERT! Your Business May Already Be Toast!

  I’m sure you’ve heard about it, but do you know what it is? Everyone is talking about it, but no one seems to be taking action! I’m talking about the dreaded GDPR. General Data Protection Regulations¬†is what it is in full, and most people I know (SME’s I mean) know its got something to…

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My New Website is Here!

Its finally here, in planning for an age, I finally get to ‘launch’ my new site, all built by my own fair hand! With some help from Beaver Builder of course, highly recommended by the way. So whats the plan? After years of making everyone else loads of money, I’ve finally decided to go out…

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